King Seat Game



The King Seat Game is designed to make a practice session fun and also competitive. This game will help you to develop Bag Speed and Accuracy so when you work Strategy in a game, you are familiar with those shots.

This game is zone level achievement meaning, you cannot go to the next colored zone until you complete the tasks in that zone. Also, if you fail at the task you are on, go back to the designated start for that colored zone. (You do not go all the way back to green)

Note: This game is designed for player 1 to throw all of their bags then remove before the next player goes.

 You can throw all 4 bags to score the set. Most of the bag should be in the zone to consider it a score

  • Beginner level can use the zone level dividing lines on the board all the way to the edge of the board.
  • Advanced level players should use the marked zones as they are on the board.

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